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The Origins of Arjun Plasttic Company stem from Bangalore.

The Objective of this company is to design, develop and manufacture state of the art garment hangers of the highest quality at the lowest possible cost.

Today Arjun Plasttic is acknowledged world wide as the supplier of superior garment hangers. From the first hanger through today’s ultra sophisticated products. Arjun Plasttic has developed and continues to progress at an unequaled rate.

In 1986 Arjun Plasttic, was recognized as a leading manufacturer catering to variety of customized needs. Its dominance spanning three decades, today the primary manufacturing focus is on plastic Hangers and has sold in excess of 500 million pieces since its specialization. Building on this success of plastic hanger, Arjun Plasttic, introduced many other technology that has delivered ground breaking results in product innovation and quality which has made it an obvious choice amongst many buying houses and garment manufacturers.

Our products continue to surpass our customers’ expectations, thanks to dedicated machines and tools, which are exclusives to us.

When you buy an Arjun Plasttic product, You become part of the company philosophy of continuing improvement in quality, innovation, development and technological research which underpins Arjun Plasttic, wide range of unique products.

Arjun Plasttic tied up with Terpac Plastic inc.

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